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About Neil

About Neil

Encinitas Physical Therapy

Effective Hands-On Treatment



             Soft Tissue Mobilization; developed and taught over 100 post-graduate seminars

                        between 1984 and 2002

             Neuromobilization, taught classes at University of St. Augustine PT Program, 2008-11

Manual Therapy for the Body’s Transition Areas, a 2 day post-graduate seminar,


             Visceral & Scar Mobilization of the Abdomen, 1 day seminar, 2005

             Forward Head Posture; a 2 day seminar co-taught with Randy Kusunose, PT, 2002

Cranial Mobilization; developed and taught post-graduate seminars, 1998-2002

Coccydynia; seminar presentation, 1998

Muscle Energy Technique to Lumbo-pelvic region; seminar presentation, 1997

             Soft Tissue and Visceral Mobilization; taught staff therapists at Scripps Hospital, 1994

                        and 1997

"Fascial Mobility Assessment and Treatment" Presentation of Paper, at International

            Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapists, Vail, Colorado, 1992

              Lecturer at Sports Conference, California State University, Northridge, 1992-93

              Strain-Counterstrain, seminar presentation, 1987


Visceral Manipulation

Advanced Clinical Applications for Common Gastrointestinal Issues of the Kidneys, Pancreas and Spleen (Ron Marrioti, ND, Barral Institute), 2019

Advanced Clinical Applications for Common Gastrointestinal Issues of the Intestines and Rectum (Ron Marrioti, ND, Barral Institute), 2018
Visceral Listening Techniques (Gail Wetzler, PT, Barral Institute), 2018

Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment, Level 1 (Herman & Wallace), 2017

             Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Conference, Portland, Oregon, 2016

  Clear Passage Therapy Training (Larry and Belinda Wurn, PT), 2015

Urogenital Manipulation (Jean-Pierre Barral, DO), 1997

             Advanced Visceral Manipulation II (Jean-Pierre Barral, DO), 1997

Visceral Manipulation Ia Review (Ken Lossing, DO, Upledger Institute), 1997

             Advanced Visceral Manipulation I (Frank Lowen, Upledger Institute), 1996

             Clinical Symposium in Visceral Manipulation (Jean Pierre Barral, DO), 1996

             Practical Integration of Visceral Manipulation (Frank Lowen, Upledger Institute), 1996

             Visceral Manipulation II (Frank Lowen, Upledger Institute), 1995

             Visceral Manipulation Ib (Frank Lowen, Upledger Institute), 1995

Visceral Manipulation Ia (Frank Lowen, Upledger Institute), 1991  

Integrated Manual Therapy

             Osteopathic Approach to Whiplash and Trauma (Jean-Pierre Barral, DO), 1998

             Whole Body Assessment and Treatment, 2-year training in 6 4-day segments (Dr. Alain

                        Gehin, DO), 1998-99

Functional Orthopedics II (Gregory Johnson, PT), 1998

Functional Mobilization, Lower Quadrant (Gregory Johnson, PT), 1997

Functional Mobilization, Upper Quadrant (Gregory Johnson, PT), 1995

             Functional Orthopedics II (Gregory Johnson, PT), 1994

             Functional Orthopedics I (Gregory Johnson, PT), 1985

             The Riley Method of Body Re-education and Alignment, 500 hour course (David Riley,

                        Rolfer), 1980-81

              Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, 3-month course, Kaiser Vallejo (Maggie

                        Knott, PT), 1976  

Cranial Manipulation
              Craniosacral Therapy II (Judy Leader, PT, Upledger Institute), 1997

              Advanced Craniosacral Therapy (Richard Royster), 1993

              Craniosacral Therapy (Frank Lowen), Upledger Institute, 1988     

              Somato Emotional Release (John Upledger, DO), 1986

              Cranial Manipulation (Paul Kimberly, DO), 1984

 Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

              Taping Techniques for the Clinic (Christopher Garcia, PT), 2013

              HVLA Spinal Manipulation (Philip Tehen, DO and Peter Gibbons, DO), 2012         

              Update on Lumbar Spine 2010 (USC Faculty), 2010

             Managing Problem Shoulders (Dora Partridge, PT), 2009

              Rehabilitation of the Spine 2006

              Assessment & Treatment of Sacro-Iliac Joint (Don DeTigne, PT) 2003

             Advanced Evaluation & Treatment of Shoulder Complex (George Davies, PT), 2003

              The Chronic Motor Vehicle Accident Patient (Jim Meadows, PT), 2002

              Update on Hip Assessment and Treatment 2006

              Orthopedic Perspectives on the Spine (Ray Linovitz, MD), 1994

              The Shoulder:  Dissection, Arthroscopy, Manual Therapy and Exercise 1994

              Knee Ligament Injuries:  Evaluation and Rehabilitation (Ronna Simonian, PT), 1994

              Mobilization of the Nervous System (Neuro Orthopedic Institute), 1994

              Challenge of the Problem Shoulder (Jenny McConnell, PT), 1993

              Combined Movements of the Neck (Jack Dabbert, PT), 1992

              Long Term Course in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (Ola Grimsby, PT), 1990-1991

              Extremity Mobilization (Brian Mulligan, PT), 1989

              Advances in Knee Rehabilitation (Edward Farina, PT), 1989

              Cervical Spine, Advanced (Ola Grimsby, PT), 1986

              Spinal Manipulation (Ace Neame, PT), 1985

              The Thoracic Spine (Michael Moore, PT), 1984

              Spinal Manipulation (Merlin Kemp, PT), 1983

              Maitland Approach to the Peripheral Joints and Spine (Audrey Coleman, PT), 1983

              Extremely Joint Mobilization (Brian Mulligan, PT), 1979

              Head, Neck and TMJ Dysfunction (Mariano Rocobado, PT), 1979

              Treatment of the Lumbar Spine (Robin McKenzie, PT), 1979

              Intermediate-Advanced Evaluation and Mobilization of Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral

                        Spine (Stanley Paris, PT), 1979

              Cervical Spine and Headaches (Barbara Stevens, PT), 1978

              Introduction to Joint Mobilization (Bob O'Donnell, PT), 1977           

Osteopathic Techniques

            Advanced Strain Counterstrain (Randy Kusunose, PT), 2007

            Mechanical Link I (Gail Wetzler, PT), 2000

            Myofascial Release (Kris Albrecht, PT), 1996

            Muscle Energy Technique for the Thoracic Cage (Loren Rex, DO), 1995

            Myofascial Release (Nathan Josephs, DO), 1988

            Muscle Energy Technique, Cervical-Thoracic (Randall Kusonose, PT), 1987

            Strain Counterstrain (Lawrence Jones, DO), 1987

            Muscle Energy Technique, Pelvis and Low Back (Loren Rex, DO), 1985 

Motor Learning and Movement Re-education

            Vestibular Evaluation and Rehab (Kimberly Bell, PT), 2016

            Motor Control for Low Back Dysfunction (Mark Comerford, PT), 2003

            Yoga Therapeutics for the Back (Roger Cole, PhD), 1997

            Impaired Movement Patterns in Back Pain (Vladimir Janda, MD), 1995

            The Feldenkrais Approach to Motor Learning (Mark Reese, Ph.D., Sandy Burkhart, PT),


            Postural Dysfunction Therapy (Andrew Harrah, PT), 1993

            Back Education and Training (Vickie Saliba, PT), 1988

            Yoga Therapy (Gary Kraftsow), 1988

            Alexander Technique (Eileen Troberman), 1987

Aston Approach to Movement and Function (Rachel Lahn), 1984

The Feldenkrais Approach (Mark Reese, Ph.D.), 1985

            Guided Imagery for the Rehabilitation Patient (Errol Korn, MD), 1978

            Acupressure (Ron Teegarden), 1978